Besotted Brand

As a kid, I had a long list of pen pals. Every evening before dinner, I would spend a few minutes writing notes or drawing pictures to friends. One pen pal lived just down the street, but most lived hundreds of miles away. Our regular correspondence made my daily visit to the mailbox an exciting event.

As I got older, this exciting event became just another chore. There was rarely anything personal mixed in with the layers of bills and catalogs. I missed the connection. I missed the anticipation.

Stumbling upon Besotted Brand’s line of high quality everything has made me want to start writing letters again. I work best on a reward system, so I’m “gifting” myself with a new custom designed monogram stamp or a set of weighty notecards with gilded edges for every dozen letters I write.

Besotted Brand’s custom stamps and paper products are some of my favorite things. Tristan, the creative mind behind Besotted, can turn your special artwork into a custom stamp. I wish I had known about this when my daughter Cal was learning to write her name. It would have been a fun way to capture the first time she spelled her name successfully. Besotted also custom designs monogram stamps in a wide range of styles, perfect for newlyweds or recent grads.

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