Interviewed by my Daughter…

I was just interviewed by my daughter! I know this sounds as “bass ackward” as, “my daughter just drove me to work,” but here is the story. My daughter, Georgia, is a beautiful ten year old who happens to be razor smart and dyslexic to boot. She told me she spent most of Kindergarten hiding in the bathroom teaching herself the alphabet by staring at a “Barney’s Alphabet World” poster near the sink. She confided to me that she had to decipher, (her word not mine), which direction the letters were “walking” and which ones were “fat.” It took her most of the year.

So, when a friend and fellow parent at school asked if Georgia would like to “interview” me for I was slightly trepidatious, (my word not hers). She loved the idea and seemed unfazed by the task, even though she had never interviewed anyone before and reading/writing is exhausting for her.

So, one afternoon, Georgia and I drove to the offices, home of the wonderful “website for moms and the women behind the mom.” The lovely Megan Sayers led us to an office where she gave Georgia a notebook, a laptop and a tape recorder. Georgia pulled out her questions which I assumed might be in the vein of, “what is your favorite color and why?” or, “Who do you really love best, me or my sister?” But her opening question, “How do you feel about being a Mom?,” threw me back on my heels. I was scared to tell her the complicated answer, but I also wanted to honor her with the truth. I figured a kid who spent Kindergarten through 2nd grade crying in the morning before school and crying at night because she had to go back the next morning earned the right to be treated respectfully. So, I did.

She had ten questions for me. As I spoke, she diligently wrote in her new notebook. Afterwards, she and Megan went into another room for about an hour and transcribed the interview. As we walked to the elevator Georgia said, “I like interviewing people. I get to see them in a new way.” Wow, I thought, I am getting to see YOU in a new way! Where is the little girl I drove here with?

“Okay,” she said as we got in the car, “let’s get ice cream on the way home, and then will you tell me a story?” There she is, my little girl, whom I hope will always be a part of the big girl she is becoming. Next time I blink she will be driving me to work!

Enjoy the interview.

Love, Flicka