These Bags Sure Are Good!

Sometimes the struggle is all too real trying to find a balance between healthy AND yummy treats our kids want to gobble up, and we don’t feel guilty about serving up. But the fine folks over at Good Bag have taken on that exact challenge, and we sure are thankful.

We loved this idea so much, we had a few taste testers try them out. But first, here is what you need to know about Good Bag:

What is GOOD BAG™ ?

  • A healthy snack collection for children created by a pediatrician.
  • Committed  to integration of data that reflects the critical role of “snacks” in children’s  nutrition and overall well-being.
  • Educates parents about the critical factors in children’s nutrition.
  • Provides the important daily supplements all children should be taking.
  • Embraces up-to-date research on Pediatric Nutritional requirements.

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How Do They Do This?

  • GOOD BAG™ offers GOOD nutrition between activities, school and traveling. We offer a simple alternative to time-consuming planning that parents can feel GOOD about.
  • The purpose of GOOD BAG™ is to alleviate work needed to prepare for travel or while on the go and to rest assured the snack you feed your child is nutritionally sound and enhances their nutrition, rather than compromising it.
  • Purchase GOOD BAG™ on the go or order them online @ to keep in your pantry.

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The Good Bag Mission

  • To provide toddlers and kids with natural, organic, nut-free, healthy snacks that are palatable, convenient and fun.
  • To provide products within GOOD BAG™ that are carefully chosen by a pediatrician who has reviewed all the nutritional information.
  • To encourage and enable parents on the go to provide a healthy snack alternative and recognize the nutritional impact their choice can make.

Here is what our taste testers had to say:

Shimi Kang
As a psychiatrist and mom of 3, my children’s nutrition is among my top priorities. I don’t want to be a tiger parent and push and hover over my kids diets but I also don’t want to be a permissive jellyfish parent either. As a Dolphin parent, I want to guide my children towards good nutrition that still appeals to their choices. The Good Bag is a perfect tool that provides kids both guidance and choice, empowering them towards healthy lifelong nutrition.

Jennifer Sando
Before I could say, “Wait! I need to take a picture of those!”, my three boys devoured the contents of both of the Good Bags. Each bag contains a variety of snacks for one day, including a delicious fish oil supplement (really, it was good!) and a probiotic straw. While we would probably not use the Good Bags for daily snacks, these would save me so much time preparing for trips, especially long car trips. Instead of racing around, trying to decide which snacks to pack, a few key strokes will deliver not only a variety of healthy snacks to my door, but will also include fun activities that will entertain the kiddos for hours, like the doodle book in the travel bag.

Here are a few examples of what you will find in the bags:

WTF 810 x 450 (1)

These yummy treats seemed to be a hit with our taste testers, so make sure to check them out and pick up a few! You can get your Good Bag here.