Toni Hammer never planned on having kids, but she’s now a stay-at-home unplanned parent to Lily and Levi born 355 days apart. She chronicles her mommy misadventures at, on Twitter and her Facebook page because she’s a social media addict. She has been featured on Scary Mommy, Selfish Mother, the TV program Emotional Mojo, and the podcast One Bad Mother. When her children are finally asleep, she works on her first book “Is It Bedtime Yet? Stories from a Mom Who Never Wanted the Job” and prays a publisher will, ya know, buy it. She loves food she doesn’t have to cook or clean up and believes her out of control coffee consumption should be studied by science.

A Mother’s Prayer… Sort Of.

Dear Lord, Thank you for this new day I get to spend with my children. They are a true blessing and I am so lucky to have them. So far today I have not raised my voice to my children. I have not ...
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Things Nobody Should Ever Say To Moms

At the top of my “Things People Shouldn’t Say to Moms” list is, “Sleep while the baby sleeps.” I understand what the well-meaning individual is saying, but the reality of the situation is I have ...
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The Loneliness

After Lillian was born and my 6 weeks of maternity leave was up, I headed back to work part time. I worked 5am-9am so Luke took care of her in the morning, then dropped her off with me on his way ...
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Let’s Give Dads Some Credit

Last Mother’s Day, this video went viral. A fake job posting was created for a position with 24/7 hours, no vacation time, limited breaks, a demanding boss, etc. Candidates (yes, people applied ...
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