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Suzanne Krull
Suzanne Krull

Suzanne Krull was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. When she was a little girl and supposed to be sleeping, she would crouch down by her bedroom door, where a narrow shaft of light came through and write stories. As a teen, she moved to Southern California to finish up High School and pursued her dream of becoming an actress. She's that character actress that people always think they went to High School with because she pops up on so many TV shows.   After having a dream that she should do stand-up comedy, she tried it. She began doing stand-up comedy and quickly did the festival circuit, performing at HBO's Aspen Comedy Festival, Vail Comedy Festival and becoming a regular face at The Hollywood Improv. While on location in Vancouver filming CAMOUFLAGE opposite the late, great Leslie Nielsen, she promised herself she would write a screenplay, and so she did. It has had many lives and is currently in the hands of Director/Producer Andy Fickman. The short film, SAM AND MIKE that she wrote, won Best Short at the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. She's written some one act plays that were produced in LA and won Best Short Story Writer in JANE magazine. She lives in Los Feliz with her Actor/Comedian/Writer husband, Peter Spruyt, and daughter, Harper Joy.

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