Susan Eppley
Susan Eppley is the owner of Parent Coach Atlanta, a parenting resource firm offering speaking, workshops, coaching, and consulting. After having children, Susan ended her career as an elementary school teacher and earned her Leadership Parenting Coaching certification through the Rosemond Leadership Parenting Institute. She promptly began (and later to the horror of her children) writing about her parenting mistakes through various social media outlets whether she got paid or not. Susan offers humorous, common-sense parenting advice that has been and continues to be tested on children of all ages, stages, and demographics (including on her own children). Her non-judgmental approach to coaching and her warm, yet no-nonsense approach to child rearing make her a pied piper to kids and adults alike.
Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Single Mom Card

Pulling The Single Mom Card

It’s almost 11pm and I’m still working. Yes, I know lots of people work late (I was in the restaurant biz for 13 years). I’m not complaining. I chose a job (read: I got tired of being laid off) ...
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