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Stacie Burrows
Stacie Burrows

Stacie Burrows is one funny mother of two. She vents, she curses, she laughs, she cries (mostly about nothing at all). She is a comedienne, a room mom, and a damn good cook. After leaving Texas, she moved to NYC and began doing comedy. Stacie lives in Los Angeles now with her husband and two sons. She currently performs her original stage show, I’m Not From Here But My Kids Are; a comical look at raising kids in Los Angeles with comedy partner and fellow Southerner, Shannon Noel. Stacie’s column Seriously Funny can be found in the Travelogue section at www.kidkitworld.com.

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I woke with what I thought was a nagging toothache. With my jaw clenched tight, I raced to the dentist to get my diagnosis. “Nope. No cavity. No infection. Are you, by any chance, stressed out about anything?” my dentist asked.

“Well, yes of course I am.” I managed to say after she helped me unhinge my jaw from its TMJ. “I am a modern American mother. This is our constant state of being, isn’t it?” Read More

Stacie Burrows

“You’re Into That Too?”

My kids have all kinds of toys at the house: wooden, plastic, action figures, water guns, plush animals, video games, etc.. Some are educational and some, hold on to your mortarboards, are just for fun. “What?” you say. “Toys for fun! Psh! That’s ludicrous!”

I haven’t done any actual research, but based on my own limited knowledge, the toy industry generates roughly umpteen bazillion dollars worth of profit every year. Some toys are marketed to the kids and a lot of educational toys are marketed to the parents. The parents are convinced they can cultivate genius in a child by purchasing the “right” kinds of toys. Read More


Am I a good wife? I like to think so. I take care of the house and kids while my husband works hard at the office. We’re a good team. We work well together. If he needs me to pick up his dry cleaning, I got it. If he wants steak for dinner, I can accommodate that request. If he wants me to do his expense report from his last business trip, I can knock it out in no time. But when he proposes something completely outrageous, sometimes, I have to put my foot down. Read More


We Loved to Fly…

Nothing like a Facebook status update to completely get my ire up. It read: “Upgraded to First Class. Yay! Crying baby onboard. Boo!”  Then this: “I am prone to headaches and that baby isn’t going to help.” 

Realllllyyyyy?????  Listen, I can tell you this as a fact: Read More


It’s the New Year and it’s time to purge my life of all the things I don’t really need. I’m starting with kid crap. You know, all the stuff everyone gives you when you have a baby and you believe (falsely) that you absolutely need it? Yeah, that’s the stuff! But knowing where to start is hard. What toys and gear does my kid still need and use? What adorable items can you just not let go of because it reminds you of when your hairy-legged, pimply-faced teenager was just a sweet little baby? Read More