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Shannon Noel
Shannon Noel

Shannon Noel is an ex-stay at home mom of two boys still in diapers. She returned to work a year ago for her amazing boss, the late Gil Cates at the Geffen Playhouse. She is now the Artistic Coordinator there and dedicates each day to the memory of Gil; who until his very last day followed his artistic dreams with passion, grace and an incredible sense of humor, never forgetting that family always comes first. Shannon is a graduate of the Second City and has performed sketch and improv all over Los Angeles and the internet. She is an original contributor to the online magazine Mad As Hell Club where she co-wrote, along with her friend Angela Kurian, the Almost Hot column. She has been seen on stage with Expressing Motherhood and, when she is not playing dinosaurs or peeling the skins off of grapes, she writes for her own blog Lullabies For Mommy. She has a two person show with Stacie Burrows called I'm Not From Here But My Kids Are; a comical look at raising kids in Los Angeles. Shannon hails from Kentucky and stays close to her roots by listening to classic country music and never taking off her Tony Lamas. She is overjoyed to have so many men in her life; her gorgeous Southern husband, their 110 pound Old English Sheepdog and their two adventurous boys who constantly remind her what life is all about: soccer, urine and laughter!

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Bad Hair, Bad Day!

Today I am sad. It’s kind of ridiculous, sort of embarrassing and I feel way too old for this sort of thing but…I’m having a bad hair day! And it’s all because I got a bad haircut. My friends are being supportive, encouraging me with smiles and words: “It looks really healthy,” “It really frames your face,” and “It’ll grow back.” And they’re right. But I am still sad. It is not what I wanted. I asked for a simple trim to my shoulder length bob and I left the salon with a chin length choppy shag, fringy bangs and a brand new charge to my credit card.

I’m also angry. Angry that Read More


Please Don’t Break Your Penis

The toddler tantrum can come at any moment. Your day (or night) can go from Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy to Holy-F***ing-Sh**-Balls in less than 2 seconds. And that is exactly how it went down in my house last night.

It was just a simple bath. 2 toddlers, 1 bath, 7pm. This is how we do it. Read More


I’m Not From Here, But My Kids Are

As we inch closer to this year’s Mother’s Day, I have been thinking a lot about my own mother and her favorite homemade craft that apparently I made just for my her: her two grandsons! It breaks my heart that I can’t just put my kids in the car and drive them over to her house with a basket of flowers next weekend with some finger painted Mom’s Day cards. Long gone are the days when moms and daughters live in the same neighborhood. Most don’t even live in the same state. Read More


A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord in Heaven,

You have to help me out here. I am this close to an anonymous drop off at Cedar Sinai. How do people do it? I see other mommies that look like they have no problem, but I’m a wreck Lord, I don’t know what to do? I don’t know who I am anymore. Read More