Robyn Welling is a freelance writer, editor, public speaker, coffee addict and humorist at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she isn't afraid to embarrass herself—and frequently does. She's been named a Must-Follow Humor Blog by BlogHer and co-authored best-selling humor anthologies, yet her kids still don't think she's funny. Her goals include becoming independently wealthy, followed by world domination and getting her children to clean their rooms. Until then, she'll just fold laundry and write about the shortcuts she takes on her journey to becoming a somewhat passable wife, mother, and human being; if history is any guide, she'll miss the mark entirely.

If Adults Acted Like Toddlers

Call me jealous if you must (and if you’re into accuracy), but sometimes I look at my 2-year-old and wish I could get away with the stuff she does. Not that I condone her behavior, mind ...
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