Rachael Koenig is a writer and humorist deriving most of her inspiration from her two sons, aged nine and five, and step-daughter, aged 13. Her site Maxisms contains personal stories and a collection of precocious, snarky and hilarious conversations between herself and her children. Her work has recently appeared on scarymommy.com, rolereboot.org, whattheflicka.com, and The New York Times Parenting Blog Motherlode . She thinks of herself as more of an essayist than a blogger, because she is old-fashioned and grumpy and out of touch with modern social media vernacular. Also, ‘blogger’ still sounds like something one would pull out of a left nostril. She can be reached at Facebook.

Letting Go: Sarah Autumn

In the autumnal aftermath of the dissolution of my first marriage, I took a job and a leap of faith across two states to begin a new life. Amidst my feelings of disappointment and failure were ...
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On Turning 40

There are two types of people who will tell you that ‘Life Begins at 40’ or ’40 is the New 20’ or any of that other nonsense that people feel obligated to console you with as you approach a ...
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Woman Interrupted

I have achieved a phase in my life during which I cannot have an adult conversation in my own home without being interrupted by a small person who feels that whatever they have to say or request ...
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Graduation Irritation

I was among the group of standing-room-only spectators as the second hour of my four-year-old son’s pre-school graduation ceremony began when the whole thing jumped the shark.
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