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Rhona Berens
Rhona Berens

Rhona Berens is a recovering academic who, when asked repeatedly during her 30s if she was a therapist, responded with the only reasonable answer she could think of: "No, but I play one on TV." After realizing there might be a good reason people mistook her for a shrink-- a.k.a., her love of helping others get happy (or happier) and stay happy (or happier)-- she also realized she'd rather spend time helping them navigate the future instead of the past (no offense to past-focused therapists, a number of whom have built mansions on the fees Rhona paid them over the years). Rhona decided to become a Certified Individual and Relationship Coach. She focuses on helping parents achieve and maintain personal and relationship fulfillment after she and her wife had their first child at 40+. As soon as their daughter was out of the womb, she lifted her head, took a good look at each of her moms and said (in a thought-bubble that appeared over her head): "You have no idea what kind of joy and havoc I'm going to wreak!" Rhona's devotion to helping parents only increased with the birth of her son in 2011, though now she has little energy to help anyone, including herself.

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