Pilar Clark
A native of Chile with deep Chicago roots, Pilar and geekdom have been mutually exclusive since tight-rolled jeans and slap bracelets were in fashion, making it rather fitting she married a Star Wars nerd, made two nerdlets and became the world’s okayest mom. An award-winning writer, editor, social media strategist and geeky pop culturalist, her commentary has appeared on sites like Babble, Fandango and Yahoo; and she’s been featured in and on some cool places like CNN, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, Martha Stewart and BBC America. A true bohemian (no DVR) and eclectic movie hound (dramedy activenture musiriller sciwesterns are her favorites), Pilar is also a developing photographer, having captured subjects like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Skywalker Ranch, Walt Disney World's New Fantasyland and the cast of Twilight, though her favorite shots always end up being the ones that have her kids in them. Ok, and the one she snapped while tripping over Chris Hemworth's foot. On the red carpet. True story.