Pat Geyer
Pat Geyer is the driving force behind The Rantings of an Amateur Chef, a blog that the explores food, cooking and tools, discovering what works, and more importantly, what doesn't. Pat lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and when not spending with his family, he is checking recipes off from his foodie bucket list. An unabashed enthusiast of his Buckeyes, Pat is fond of tuba music and is more than a little addicted to his smartphone.
Felicity Huffman

RECIPE: Shrimp Spring Rolls

I started making spring rolls several years ago. Previously made for the blog, I have gotten too much in a routine about what I put in them. Broccoli slaw, green cabbage, shredded chicken and ...
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Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - RECIPE: Spring Rolls

RECIPE: Spring Rolls

I have to admit that for the longest time I thought egg rolls and spring rolls were the same thing. I think one of my local Chinese restaurants used them interchangeably as well. In my mind, they ...
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Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Green Beer & Soda Bread

Green Beer and Soda Bread

While I’ve been going a little overboard with the Irish lately (and this is coming from a guy named Patrick!!!), ’tis the season for it, so one more for the cooks preparing for St. Paddy’s ...
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Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Rollin' With The Irish

Rollin’ With The Irish

As mentioned in a previous post, I am in a gourmet club. This quarter’s theme: Irish Food. My assignment: appetizers. Hmmmmm……..
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