Lisa Carmody Doiron
Lisa Carmody Doiron lives in PEI, Canada with her husband and two boys. She blogs regularly at Momologues-Soliloquies on poop, barf and postpartum depression. Her stories have been featured in Oh Baby! Magazine, G! Magazine and When she's not mothering or blogging, Lisa teaches music at a local public school. She is also part of a group of women lobbying for better resources for women with PPD in her province. You can find her blog

Stretch Marks The Spot

Ah the postpartum body… What a horrifying vessel. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. It just grew a person. What a magical, wonderful, machine. It’s still horrifying.
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Dear Santa

When people ask me what I’m getting The Beast for Christmas, I tell them the truth. I’m probably just going to give him a new paper bag from Tim Horton’s. What? It’s his favourite toy next to the ...
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Mother Of The Beer

I’ve always wanted to win an award and it seems my time has come. Forget running for Mother of the Year. You and your homemade muffins can shoot for that prestigious honour. I’ll be over here in ...
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