Kelly is a mother, teacher , writer & blogger. She started her site as a way to educate others about twice-exceptional children. In addition to her Huffington Post blog, Kelly's work has been seen in Mamalode, ParentMap, In the Powder Room, Bonbon Break, Macaroni Kids, Brain Child's blog and many other sites. When Kelly is not writing articles on her phone in a coffee shop, she is homeschooling her son, playing with her two dogs, or enjoying movies at home with her family.

Am I A King, Mommy?

Although I am only working part-time, my plate seems to be running over! My mother is staying in a convalescent center while recuperating from a broken femur, my son is still adjusting to the new ...
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Handling “I’m Bored!”

There are two words that I currently hate more than most.  I would happily take a handful of crude potty words or even a few of the milder swear words instead of … I’m bored! Ugh! I don’t know if ...
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