Karen Johnson
Karen was a high school English teacher in her former life. Then she started spitting out kids and traded in her need-to-be-dry-cleaned clothes (as well as her brain cells) for a life of potty-training, Legos, and Sprout TV. She is Mommy to three small monsters, and when she has a rare free minute to herself, she enjoys reading novels and writing (and going for a run every 12 days or so). Find her monthly articles at KC Parent magazine, and follow her blog (which is 75% about her children’s bodily functions) at 21stcenturysahm.blogspot.com.

Can I Be An 80s Mom For A Day?

So I thought I knew what parenthood would be like. Because I was a kid once, who had parents. And since that is all I knew, I figured… yeah, it will be a lot like that. Maybe a little different, ...
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