Julia Arnold
Julia Arnold is a mother of two young children living in the Twin Cities. She is passionate about writing about life as a new mom-- the beauty and the beast. When her children occasionally sleep, she writes about the less glamorous side of motherhood on her blog, FranticMama.blogspot.com. She has been published on Mamalode and BlogHer. In her world, the counter is always sticky and the floor is never clean. And she's [usually] okay with that.

Sometimes Quitting IS The Answer

I’m not a quitter. At least, I don’t want to be a quitter. Who does? I try to stick with pursuits even when they are tough. Now, as a mother of two children, there’s the added ...
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Mommy Brain: Symptoms And Diagnosis

Do you often forget simple words and phrases? Do you find yourself walking into a room only to forget what you originally wanted? Do you frequently lose your train of thought mid-sentence? Have ...
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Let Go Of The Guilt

“But I still feel guilty,” I said over the phone to my older sister, who is also a mother of young children. “I’ll never forget what our pediatrician once told me,” she replied. “She said ...
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