Helen Mitternight
Nothing conquers fear like just daring and that's something I've tried to embody in my life and in my career. I'm originally from New Orleans, which means I learned that hard work should be in service of hard play and not work for its own sake. I've tried to bring a sense of play to every job I've ever had. With a journalism degree from Marquette University and a serious case of Woodward-Bernstein envy, I started as a reporter with the Associated Press. I learned to write quickly and concisely. A move to D.C. flipped me from hack to flack and I headed up p.r. departments at The Humane Society of the United States, The American Society for Training and Development, The American Psychological Association, and The American Diabetes Association. After a stint at Vanguard Communications, where I oversaw a federal contract on children's mental health, I moved to Charleston, SC, to write, to eat, to reflect...and to find the next adventure.
Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka-Holiday Pie

Remembering My Mother And Her Magic Pies

“The TSA agents are going to pull you aside and wrestle you to the ground,” my husband says. “Don’t care. I’m packing it.” My husband shakes his head and walks away, something he does often when ...
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This Isn’t A Blog About Abortion

I came of age during the Sexual Revolution and before AIDS. We had garden-variety STDs but this was the age of disco, the age of the Pill and even the sponge. It was okay to come home with ...
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I Think I Need Help Asking For Help

We promise to love through better or worse. Confidently, I tell my husband that I will take care of him if he gets sick, will stick with him when he gets old. I know I can take care of him. I ...
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Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka - Grown Up But Same

Grown Up But The Same

My daughter stood on a stage, wearing fringe and sparkles and wailing in harmony with the other vocalists in the indie rock band. A friend from her high school days leaned over and whispered,
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empty nesters

Firing A Friend

Sometimes, you just have to let a person go. It happens all the time in the corporate world and the metrics are fairly clear: the person didn’t make the sales goals, never showed up on time, ...
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