Gail Greiner
Gail Greiner met Flicka (Felicity) in their high school French class where they were both glowering at each other because they’d dated the same boy. They quickly came to their senses and became friends, rescuing each other from teenage ennui and other near tragedies. Since high school, Gail has gotten her MFA in fiction writing from Columbia University, taught English composition and literature at various colleges, published two short stories in literary journals and numerous articles and essays in national magazines. She’s at work on a collection of short stories entitled “That Kind of Girl.” She lives in Nyack, New York with her beautiful family.
Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - The Virgin & Me

The Virgin & Me

I am not Catholic, nor am I Mexican, though maybe I was both in a past life, as I am inexplicably drawn to the Virgin of Guadalupe — the Mexican Mary, with her burnished skin, green cloak ...
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