Florence Escaravage
Florence Escaravage is the no 1 love coach in France and Europe and lives in Paris with her husband and 3 kids. Originally a business strategist, Florence became a love coach because she had had enough of seeing her friends and those around her miss out on love. It was this structured, practical-based approach she brought to her new field. She set up Love Intelligence in 2007 after spending two years consulting with an expert committee of leading psychologists, effectively professionalizing the sector by being the first (and only) love coach to create and implement an internationally recognized certification. Love Intelligence’s 5 step Method to find love sees 81% clients find a serious committed relationship after 4 months. Florence is also the author of the French versions of Relationships for Dummies and Flirting for Dummies, and recently tried her hand at screenwriting: The Love Coach produced by Elephant is currently in production.