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Baby Box

Watching American TV shows was one of the only things my husband and I had in common about our childhoods. We grew up in very different neighborhoods, were interested in different things and didn’t speak each other’s languages until our early twenties.
While we’re both Europeans, he is French and I am Finnish, and there’s about 1500 miles and a big change of mentality in between. Read More


My Journey

I was undoubtedly always meant to work as an Artist but if someone had told me that at the age of nine, I would be having my second Solo Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia, I doubt anyone would have believed them, most of all me. Like any other child with artistic aspirations, everyone at some point says, “I want to be an artist when I grow up.” I was no different. Read More


I swore I’d never have kids. I was in my 20′s, full of hope and cynical as hell. I thought people that had kids were selfish, afraid to fade into obscurity and hoping to live on in their children. I thought it took much more courage to NOT have kids, to not contribute to overpopulation, environmental impacts, and the general degradation of the human race. Why would I burden society and the Earth with yet another soul to Read More