Felicity Huffman
Felicity Huffman is the youngest of eight children. By the time she came along her mother had run out of family names (there are 2 Jessie’s, 3 Grace’s, 2 Jane’s, 3 Moore’s, and the list continues), so she was called “Flicka”. The name “Felicity” was added as an afterthought because you can’t go around life with a nickname if you don’t have the original name to get the “nick” from. In March of 2012 she launched Whattheflicka.com as a virtual kitchen counter, where mothers and women could “sit” around, sharing stories, trading advice, laughing, crying, and telling their truths with no fear of judgment. Felicity is an actress and mom whose favorite things are taking naps, hanging with her sisters (both literal and soul), and mornings in bed with her family.

Moroccan Meatballs Recipe

This summer was a dream come true for me. My family gathered at our home in Colorado. It was where most of us grew up and most of us got married, and most of my parents’ ashes are buried in the ...
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Inside Out: The Best of Both Worlds

  In the “rebuilding” of my family home in Colorado, Bill wanted to create the illusion that the “original” house had been built in 1918, followed by an addition in the 1940s and a recent ...
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The Sum of Its Parts

Lonni Paul, a wonderful designer we are working with to recreate the family home I grew up in, loves to combine the old and the new. She believes the contrast brings out the best in both genres. ...
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