Expressing Motherhood
Expressing Motherhood is the hit, ongoing stage show that has been showcasing moms onstage since 2008. It was the first stage show to offer a platform for moms with no acting, writing of speaking background; an opportunity to just get up and share their experience regarding motherhood. The cast consists of about 10 people, each time the cast changes. The show regularly sells out in LA and has performed sold out shows in New York and Boston as well. Two stay-at-home moms conceived the idea in 2008. Their families regularly fly in to help sell tickets and wine at the shows. The communal, unique vibe of the show has struck a chord with moms and theater goers of all types. Created by Lindsay Kavet and Jessica Cribbs.

Custom Jewelry For Everyday

I was fortunate enough to sample some of Julia Parker’s handmade jewelry for What The Flicka review. Not only are my pieces unique, Julia is charming and Southern, though she resides in California.
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We Have A BIG Announcement

Co-creating, producing and directing Expressing Motherhood since 2008 has brought me immense joy. There is such power when people are brave enough to get up on stage and share their intermost ...
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Things That Are Not Okay

Driving safely is a passion of mine. Car crashes are the #1 cause of death to young people yet for some reason we aren’t doing enough to change this or even talk about it. Every day around ...
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