Erin K Moffat
Erin Moffat is an actor, writer, and make-up artist presently residing on the east coast. She considers her coolest accomplishment to date as writing, directing, and starring in an original musical Bucket List of Unbroken Dreams: Erin K. Moffat the Musical. The musical comedy follows her on a journey into her past as she attempts to “unbreak,” her broken childhood dreams. The essence of the story is about persevering against the odds, not giving up on your dreams, following your heart, and believing in yourself. Erin is attempting to make her mark on the world through song, comedy, and a few sweet dance moves. Her current Bucket List Goal: is to move to L.A. and her Bucket List Wish: is to fly like Peter Pan or Mary P. Erin aspires to start her own film production company.

A Night At The Museum

Last Thursday, I had the incredible opportunity to visit New York City for a prescreening at the 20th Century Fox building of the Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb (in theaters 12/19), ...
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