Erin Fangboner
Life with Chronic Illnesses while also being a parent and a wife. Erin, married 14 years, has one child. She earned her Child Development Associate in Early Childhood Education and practiced her career there. Erin moved on to Misdemeanor Probation, which is kinda like early childhood education but for adults. She is now a part-time Nanny. Experienced as mother, teacher, and wife--check! Working full-time, keeping house, and parenting became too much about three years ago, and she has been trying to find her way back to herself since. Some of that journey has been achieved through writing on her blog, Chronically Sick and sometimes Manic Mother.

The Hallows of Homework Hell

When I think back to homework during my childhood. I normally remember how much it seemed I had. I remember that more than talking back and forth between a parent and me. I was doing my homework. ...
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Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Parenting Doesn't Get Any Easier

Parenting Doesn’t Get Any Easier

When you bring that newborn baby home from the hospital, there are so many fears. Is she eating okay? Is she getting enough? Is she breathing right? You analyize everything, right down to the ...
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