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Elle Davis
Elle Davis

Elle's a work at home mom just trying to keep her sanity and 4 year old daughter in one piece. She's also a military wife to a great guy that she can complain about on occasion. If you give Elle peanut butter filled pretzels or a cherry limeade, she'll love you forever. Her laptop is an extra appendage and if it came down to it, she might give up her husband before she'd give up her computer. Elle's personal blog is This Is Mommyhood.

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This time around, pregnancy has given me nosebleeds with all that extra blood I’m pumping and a stuffy nose. So, here I am with the constant sniffles but I want to put a sign on my shirt that says “I swear I’m not a cokehead. Just pregnant!”

The only thing I’ve been snorting are Vicks fumes so I can breathe. I even got one of those stick inhalers that I carry around with me so I won’t be as obvious but who am I kidding. I’ll be in the makeup aisle at Target, looking to make sure nobody is around, and I start huffing on my Vicks stick. That doesn’t look strange at all.

Yesterday morning, I had quite the party in my pants but unfortunately, not that kind. Read More


This Is Why You Shouldn’t Pick Your Brain

There are several special moments in a parent’s life when you think “What the f***, kid??” Monday morning was one of those special moments. We’ve all been sick and I had spent most of the night not sleeping while the hummingbird slept soundly in my bed, kicking the crap out of me.

I finally fell asleep only to later be woken up to her standing on my head while she grabbed my phone and started watching Curious George. She soon hopped out of bed and walked downstairs to where my husband had been sleeping on the couch since there wasn’t any more room in our bed.

I think it was the stuffed octopus in the bed poking me in the back that woke me up but I also heard screaming from the hummingbird. When I ran to her room, I saw her laying down and freaking the hell out while my hubby was trying to get a wad of tissue that the hummingbird somehow stuck WAY, WAY up her nose. Read More

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Elle Davis

My Bells Rolled Off the Stage

When I was younger and living in Small Town, USA, my grammar school would have a Christmas Pagent for each grade from K-6. It was quite an event in my small town and we would have it in a big auditorium.

My grandfather’s wife would always make me the best costumes and when I was in kindergarten or 1st grade, I had to dress up as an elf. Yeah, there’s not enough humiliation when you’re a kid but hey, let’s make you dress up as an elf as well! Woo hoo!
There were some bells that were sewn onto my shoes and before we went on stage I kept on making sure I wasn’t going to have any bell issues. Read More


Here’s a face mask that helps those with acne. The honey in the mask is a natural humectant, giving skin the moisture it needs. Cinnamon gently exfoliates your skin, and nutmeg acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce redness and swelling. The mask soothes the skin and helps prevent infection. Read More