Elise Free
Elise Free’s plays have been produced at The Harold Clurman Theatre, the Abingdon Theatre and the Creative Place Theatre in NYC. She is the recipient of the Nicholas Meyer Playwriting Scholarship, where she graduated from the University of Iowa. Elise won first place in the LA. Parent Magazine Comic Essay Contest, and her parenting essays have been produced on KPFK’s radio program, “Motherhood Unplugged,” and in Literary Mama Magazine, her poetry published by Anchor and Plume, and plays with Heuer Publishing. Elise lives in Iowa with her daughter Adelaide, who has Cystic Fibrosis. Together they are kicking CF butt so Addie can live to 100!

Go Back To School Already!

I love my daughter. I do. For the last 2.5 months we’ve slept in, snuggled, and kept a frat boy social calendar of “just hanging dude.”
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