Crystal Ponti
Crystal Ponti is a digital marketing consultant and online community expert who has worked for some of the largest sites in the world. She is currently focused on helping authors market their books in the most efficient and productive ways possible—both on and offline. Most recently she served as Managing Editor, Contributing Author, and publisher of the book The Mother of All Meltdowns, a tell-all collection of moms’ finest (worst, completely awful) moments. She also blogs at MommiFried, an outlet for her creative writing and a way for her to share her later-in-motherhood experiences with all women and parents. When she is not busy consulting, blogging, or writing, she can be found nurturing a beautiful family of five children, one much-younger husband, and a cat that drives them all up the wall.
Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Where Does Time Go When You're A Mom?

Where Does Time Go When You’re A Mom?

As I’m sitting here writing this blog post, I realize the day has completely flown by. It seems just a few hours ago it was 5:15 am and Aless, our human rooster, was letting us know it was time ...
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Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - 8 Things I Love About Being An Older Mom

8 Things I Love About Being An Older Mom

I love being an older, middle-aged mom. Even though my energy level is less than it was years ago, I feel like I’m in a better “place” to raise my daughter. My feet are firmly planted and I have ...
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