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Coco Enriquez
Coco Enriquez

CoCo is a self-professed nut and extremist in her ways. A teacher by nature, Coco is a child at heart, chronicling the adventures of her household of 6 as she manages to raise 3 wild boys, 1 sassy daughter, and keep up with the things that keep her sane: writing, running, and analyzing other "crazies" like herself. Bakersfield bred, Coco moved to San Diego at the ripe age of 15 where she met her husband and was quickly immersed in a rather large Filipino Family --- a culture shock to say the least; always entertained and learning new lessons each day in social etiquette and how not to offend people -- she continues to grow in the art of nurturing her children whom she affectionately refers to as Beauty and the Beasts. Read more on her life, laughs, and lessons on her blog, Coco The Nut~ Reflections of Madwoman: Cocothenut.blogspot.com.

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Mind, Body, Spirit

Autumn Aspirations

The days are getting shorter and it’s finally beginning to feel like Fall. With a chill in the air, you can now drink a cup of coffee without breaking a sweat. If you’re like me, your obsession with creating a cozy house is being fueled each day by too much time spent on Pinterest and an overabundance of cinnamon scent exposure. Or, maybe you are ready to stuff your face for Read More


Bedroom Talk

WARNING: This post contains adult content and will not be understood by those who do not have an excessive amount of children who sleep anywhere other than their own beds…

A while back, Felicity (Flicka) posted about a special retreat she had created in her home. After reading this, I got to thinking…where’s my retreat? I can’t relax in the bathroom – we all know that’s a kid’s favorite place to strike up serious conversation with mommy. I can’t Read More

Mind, Body, Spirit

Please, More Serotonin!

My husband is a Saint…not because he has plateaued at perfection in the moral department, but because he puts up with me. Once a month I threaten the lives of my closest friends, pack my bags and try to abandon my husband and children, go toe to toe with authority, and gain 55lbs (not literally, I’ll explain…). These threats aren’t Read More


The Compromise

Can you imagine what it would be like to hang out with yourself, or for that matter, be married to yourself? To have to deal with your own obnoxious quirks, your own irritating behaviors. I guess I’m biased to this question ‘cause I happen to think I’m awesome; but in all honesty, if I were to be around myself longer than a day, I would be exhausted and in need of a mind-numbing beverage… With our cable turned off for the summer (it’s a teacher thing-TV rots your brains kids), I’ve had a lot of time with my overactive imagination, contemplating many things.

To imagine Read More