Cissy White
Christine “Cissy” White is going through her second adolescence also called menopause. She has realized most everything she believed about life, love and her own limits is wrong and welcomes the experiences that follow brutal blessings and real-life shake-ups. She treasures the perfectly imperfect in people and in sea glass. She finds comfort in knowing what an inaccurate worrier she was and is inspired to abandon the habit. She writes about topics most people reserve for intimate conversation or journals because she believes words change lives and everyone has a story. She is an adoptive mother and raising her creative and determined daughter in New England.
Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - This Present?

This Present

I was worn down by the minutia of mothering. The days were consumed with relentless chores that keep the machine of a home life humming: changing the kitty litter, filling the gas tank, sweeping ...
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Cat Puke, Crisis And Honesty

I’m going to post a photo of cat puke as my Facebook status or maybe just my broken air conditioner. I’m tired of the parade of adorable smiling children, close ups of flowers and panoramic shots ...
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