Carrie Wible
Carrie Wible is a humor blogger, article writer, educational content writer, and musician/arranger. Formerly a 1-8 grade teacher, she now spends her time at home writing in between catering to the needs of the man-beings (ages, 44, 17, 4, and 4) that reside in her home. She has every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer memorized, and has a torrid love affair with Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter World.

American Ninja Warrior: Toddler Edition

So Mr. Who and I went on a romantic weekend vacation for our 4th wedding anniversary.  We stayed at a beautiful cabin in Amish country that came equipped with a hot tub, Direct TV, and the ...
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My Child Ate the Class Pet

The kids in the class each get a day to take home the class pet, play with it, and then using the first person, write in the class pet book what the pet did that night. Twin B got to take him ...
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Never Argue With Four-Year-Old Logic

My 4 year old twins are hysterical. The stuff they come up with makes me laugh so hard, it hurts. One reason I became a teacher for the elementary grades is because the younger students are ...
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