Carmen Rodriguez
A mover, a shaker, the life of the party, is how she was described in her prime! Carmen Rodriguez is a Instructional Designer by day, mommy by day, wife by day, part-time blogger by day, PTO member by day and the undead at night. She has been with her perfectly imperfect husband for 10 years and has two beautifully amazing, intelligent and exhausting girls. Welcome her her zany world of shenanigans!

I Wish I Was More Like My 6 Year Old

When I was 6 I was a bratty 1st grader. I played outside with the neighborhood kids, did my chores and tried not to kill my little sister. I was a kid, acted like a kid, thought like a kid. The ...
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This Mommy’s Miracle

Every pregnancy is different they say. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Oh my 2nd was a breeze, yours will be too”. That’s what I looked forward to. My first pregnancy wasn’t bad but I ...
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The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned In Life

I’m never… oh even saying those two powerful words gives me goosebumps… I’m never (reminds me of when the hyenas in The Lion King say “Mufasa” “Oh say it again!”) I was an I’m never person my ...
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Why Does Santa Get All The Credit?

Ok, ok, I know the title of this comes off sounding not so jolly and bright but after wrapping presents all day that’s the only thought that came to my mind… why does Santa get all the credit? ...
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