Beth Markley
Beth Markley is a 40-something freelance consultant and overcommitted volunteer. She has a wonderful family which puts up with her using their exploits as blog fodder. That family (and fodder) includes a husband with a fantastic sense of humor and two sons (teen and preteen) who will one day appreciate it. Beth loves writing, reading, and running long distances very slowly. She consistently overestimates her abilities as a chef. She shouldn't be allowed to dye her own hair or pick out living room furniture, and she can't figure out the TV remote, but is otherwise a good person. If she could choose any superpower, it would be the ability to read in a moving vehicle without getting woozy.

Want To See Something REALLY Scary?

I don’t think I’m ever one to second-guess other parents … until Halloween. On All Hallows Eve, I transform into Judge Judge-y McJudgerson. I am that mom. The one who cuts her kids off from ...
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Argh, This Family!

Join What The Flicka? as we explore bestselling author Amy Bloom’s new book Lucky Us, a deeply moving and fantastically funny novel of love, heartbreak, and luck. Even with everything about ...
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