Stephanie Baroni-Cook
Stephanie is a military spouse, veteran, and a stay at home mother to one very active toddler. In her “spare” time, also known as, “the baby is napping” time, Stephanie writes about a range of topics from parenthood, breastfeeding, yoga, and traveling on her blog, 'A Navy Wife's Life'. Stephanie and her husband currently live in beautiful Naples, Italy.

Time Is Not On My Side

I feel time slipping through my fingers. I have always had this irritating ability to be able to glimpse into the future. It’s the one thing that has followed me since my elementary days; I know ...
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A Military Child’s Life

She’s getting older now. My daughter. When he comes home from work, she hears the door unlocking and she stops what she is doing to watch him walk through. Then she runs to him, and with a joy ...
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Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - PS I Have Breast Cancer

P.S. I Have Breast Cancer

Scroll… Scroll… Scroll… Stop. There it was. A post in my Facebook Newsfeed that I simply wasn’t prepared for. I paused, staring at it for an eternity.
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