Angela Keck
Angela Keck is thrilled to have turned her passion for online communities and social media into an amazing career. Blogging is a natural extension of her two loves, social media and writing. You can find her blogging about social media, parenting, photography, recipes, and whatever else sparks her fancy at Writer Mom’s Blog. Angela owes her return to her first love of writing to the birth of her daughter, who is now fourteen years old. When her daughter was an infant, Angela realized she could not teach her children to chase their dreams if she had given up on her own! So she dusted off her muse and wrote, and wrote, and wrote! When her son was born, ten years ago, she switched from working outside the home to working from home managing online communities. Now she proudly writes between chauffeuring her two children to their activities so they can also chase their dreams. Angela and the love of her life are happily raising their two children, a German shepherd, and one very fat cat in Southern Illinois.

7 Things I Am Way Too Old For

When I was a kid, maybe a teenager, I remember hearing my mother say she was too old for a certain type of clothing. If my memory serves correctly it was a sleeveless top I suggested that she ...
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Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - I Have Never Felt Beautiful

I Have Never Felt Beautiful

I was tagged a few days ago to participate in the “I feel beautiful” challenge that is going around on Facebook.  If you haven’t seen this particular Facebook meme it works like this, a friend ...
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