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Amy Hamilton
Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton is originally from a small town in the Midwest and ended up in San Francisco after college. She came kicking and screaming down to Los Angeles over 10 years ago, but now can’t imagine living anywhere else. Amy and Felicity met where most moms do, on the kindergarten playground. She quickly discovered that they shared many of the same parental struggles and life philosophies, and more than that, Felicity was just plain fun to be around. They have been friends ever since. Amy is a wife, mother, and friend who knows first hand the struggle to find peace and balance in a chaotic world. Amy is a former elementary teacher, has a Masters in Psychology and is currently working as a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern, IMF #64190. She is employed and supervised in a private practice in Sherman Oaks, CA by Debra Brunsten, LMFT.

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Lessons on Acceptance From My Teenage Daughter

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.
-Reinhold Niebuhr

This quote is engraved on a cuff bracelet I wear all the time. It’s a constant reminder of the all too common human struggle for acceptance. So, whether you believe in God or not, it is hard not to find value and wisdom in the serenity prayer. Read More

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The Living Is In The Journey

“The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.” – Barbara DeAngelis

Much of my work with clients is about helping them discover his or her preferred life; some would call it goals or hopes, Yogis may call it intent, and others God’s destiny. We explore ways to embark on the journey that leads to this preferred life. Whether your hope is to lose 10 lbs, get your child to sleep in his or her own bed or live a more peaceful existence; the work is in the journey.

Yes, these journeys can be beautiful and have unimagined pleasant surprises. However, our life journeys’ are often fraught with Read More


Technology & the Fam: If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Join ‘em!

I have talked a lot about reasons to limit technology in your family and household and strategies to do so (read limiting and balancing). Now, I thought it might be nice to explore ways people are using technology to connect.

1. Texting or E-mailing
Sending loving texts. In my practice, a couple I see talks about texting each other throughout the day to stay connected. The texting has decreased the stress and anxiety created by his constant travel and her hectic work schedule. Another Read More


A Delicate Balance: Tech Time & Family Time

I am well aware of the irony of writing an article discussing families and the over use of technology; as I sit here on my laptop, checking my text messages on my iPhone, while one of my girls is on her laptop and the other listens to music on her iTouch. We are a family of Apple junkies. But, then I think, whom better to write this article, than someone who understands first hand the dilemma that most American families face. How do we raise our children in a time of technology? Read More