Alisha "Happychondriac" Wilson
Alisha spends her days chauffeuring her oldest son Owen to school & searching for her sanity or keys, while reading books underneath tables & giggling in closets with her youngest son, Evan. Alisha is a God loving, Jesus following, wife to one gorgeous man, Mommy of two handsome boys, project planning, creative thought producing, baker of deliciousness, birdwatcher, blogger, canoe rowing, geocaching, yoga practicing, gardening & a procrastinating, semi-organized maker of all kinds of beautiful things. You can find Alisha in the grocery store, holding up the line with handfuls of coupons & unruly children, in desperate need of a makeover & fashion sense.
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The Number One Thing All Moms Want

There are some answers here that at first gander, you might think are the real answer, such as: To pee alone. Sure, I’d love to pee alone. I would adore going to Walmart without having to ...
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Letting Go Of Shame

I am not that scared little girl anymore who couldn’t speak for herself. I am not the little girl who was being blackmailed into not telling anyone that she was being sexually abused. As I ...
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Top 5 Reasons I Will Cut You

Have you seen the shower scene in Psycho? Yes, that would be me, headed toward my husband with a big, shiny knife; preferably sharp. For as long as I can remember, I’ve told Andy (the infamous ...
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My Door is Still Locked. Let’s Eat!

Have you set goals for yourself? No, I’m not referring to endless spewing of New Year’s resolutions through December only to wake up & give up by January second. What I am referring to, are ...
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