Aileen DePeter
Aileen DePeter is a mom of three, who is constantly trying to walk that fine line between sanity and utter chaos. A writer and a blogger, she has been a full-time stay at home mother, a part-time working mother, and now a full-time working mother. Through it all she has tried to keep her sense of humor, while sharing the joys and the deep, dark crazy of being a parent. She is a constant work in progress, a lapsed reader, a peanut M&M addict, a music lover and a terrible, terrible singer. She blogs about her life and family at

Dear Old Navy, RE: Smelly Jellies

Dear Old Navy, I recently purchased a pair of your pink sparkle jelly sandals for the Lady. To say she was excited by this purchase would be an understatement. Anything pink, anything sparkle, ...
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Dear Supernanny

Dear Jo, Can I call you Jo? I don’t have to call you Supernanny do I? Jo, have you forsaken me?
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Are You Mom Enough?

I have to chime in here with my opinion of the Time magazine cover. I am not going to comment on the article though, since I can’t access it online and because I have yet to see it on the ...
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