Angry Birds Cupcakes

My middle son’s 10th birthday was earlier this month and I wanted to do something special for him – after all, entering the double digits is a big deal. His favorite game right now is Angry Birds, with the yellow one being his favorite. I did a search online (what did we EVER do before the internet???) and thanks to Brooke at The Crafting Chicks, I found a great tutorial for making Angry Birds cupcakes. I could never have been this creative on my own! Although I am not a cake decorator, I can follow directions. Most of the time. πŸ˜‰

Here is what you’ll need:

  • cupcakes, any flavor
  • white icing (I used 2 containers)
  • tube of white icing with round decorator tip
  • food coloring
  • yellow sugar
  • chocolate chips
  • tube of black writing gel
  • gummy orange slices (bulk candy aisle)

I started with 2 boxes of yellow cake mix; after the cupcakes were baked and cooled, I colored the white icing yellow. And yes, the icing was also store bought. Do not judge. My husband Steve and I iced all of the cupcakes and coated them in yellow, crystal sugar. I tried my very best to follow the tutorial and push chocolate chips into the mini marshmallows for the eyes, but the chocolate chips kept popping out and/or sticking to my thumb, which may or may not have caused me to throw a tantrum. I cannot be sure. So instead, I calmly made little dollops of white icing and put chocolate chips into them, for the eyes. I did use the gummy orange slices for the beaks but for the angry eyebrows, I used black writing gel. Which I had JUST enough of to finish the cupcakes for his class – in fact, I cut it so close that I had visions of myself, broken and fighting back tears at the local store, while debiting a $2 tube of writing gel for 1 more cupcake.

Some of our little birds looked more pensive, than angry…others looked scared, while some just looked like slightly disgruntled chickens. But we get an A for effort, right? We worked on these little cupcakes until 10 p.m. the night before Grande’s birthday, so they could all be done and ready for his class the following afternoon. And then we got a call from the school nurse the next morning, that our boy had a fever and a headache, so he had to come home early. SERIOUSLY?! I mean, I felt totally bad that he was sick on his birthday, but what about ME?? I’m kidding! Kind of.

When I FINALLY took them into class a few days later, they were a huge hit! The kids went crazy for them and knew, right away, that they were Angry Birds (I was secretly afraid they’d call them chickens)! Operation Angry Birds Cupcakes was a success! My kid and I felt like total rock stars…to a bunch of 4th graders. πŸ™‚

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