A Toddler Is Like A Dr. Seuss Book…

…. You wonder what they’ve been smoking and don’t always know what they’re talking about. Bada-bing!

Here are the top ten ways you know your little babe has transitioned into a toddler.

10. You get to hear Elmo’s Song over and over and over again. Sure, I could hear Welcome To The Jungle on a loop and not get tired of it but at least Axl Rose isn’t a furry, red monster. Oh wait…..

9. Getting your little one to brush their teeth has become a sport of sorts. You chase them around the house while holding their toothbrush like an Olympic torch. When you finally catch them, they scream bloody murder when you get the toothbrush near their mouth.

8. You love going to Target and can spend hours going through the aisles while pretending it’s a mini vacation but your toddler gets restless only a few minutes in and doesn’t want to sit in the cart any longer. You give in and take them out of the cart and then have to go running after them full speed ahead, sometimes having to push the cart aside so you can grab your toddler before they step in front of someone else’s red cart.

7. Your little one has been given breakfast and lunch and you’re dying to eat something so you sneak into the kitchen for a quick bowl of cereal while they’re playing in the living room. I’m convinced toddlers have the sense of smell that dogs have and while you’re trying to eat, they start calling for you and ask for a snack. With their snack in hand, you go into the living room to give it to them but they spot what you’re eating and want it immediately. Since you can’t deny your child food, one bite becomes two, then three, and before you know it, your breakfast is gone.

6. You thought changing your baby’s diapers was hard but once they hit toddlerhood, they twist themselves in ways you never thought possible (which makes putting on their diaper comparable to wrestling an octopus).

5. There’s no need to get them presents. Just give them an empty box inside another box and they’ll think it’s the greatest thing ever. For the little hummingbird’s 2nd birthday she got a playhouse and even though she liked it (I think it’s awesome and wouldn’t mind moving into it), she still preferred a moving box that we ended up placing beside the playhouse.

4. Your sweet little angel can get toddler PMS in the blink of an eye.

3. You start to think maybe your toddler is much more energetic than other kids their age so you call your mom to ask if it’s normal. She laughs her ass off and enjoys every minute of it.

2. You thought you had very little time to do things when they were just a baby but realize just how much time you actually had compared to now and want to kick your own ass for not taking advantage of it.

1. Despite everything, you would do it all over again. You never knew you could love someone so much.

When did you realize your baby had become a toddler?