A Spicy Giveaway … Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

I have come to the conclusion that a relationship is the most extreme roller coaster you or I will ever ride.

When dating, you entered each new relationship with a deep breath and a hope that this would be the one. You experienced the thrill and excitement of the honeymoon phase and the stomach churning feeling after your first fight. Some relationships had you holding on for dear life, while others allowed you to experience life in a carefree, hands in the air kind of way.

And then you find the one. The one who thrills you like no other has before. You experience a perfect balance of fear and laughter, adrenaline and bliss. You marry. As the years go by, you wonder if the spark is still there. You continue to experience fear and laughter, adrenaline and bliss but you question whether he still feels the same high that was felt when he first met you. You worry the job of being a parent is interfering with your sex life. You worry that life has become a vanilla-fied version of what it once was.

We all have moments of doubt. We all have moments of I can look better…I can try harder…OMG! did he look at that woman’s ass? He used to look at MY ass!. Blame hormones. Blame Mother Nature. Every woman experiences these thoughts, no matter how strong their relationship is.

The highs and lows of riding the relationship coaster never go away. They evolve over time, changing as you grow as a couple. Inevitably, life becomes an interference in any relationship. Kids need attention. The laundry is stacking up. The floors need to be vacuumed and you are out of milk. Sex, once something that was a daily occurrence is now a promised word texted to your partner but not had before you fell asleep after a crazy day of little league games, homework and errand running.

The roller coaster ride of laughter and bliss begins to feel an anxiety fueled journey. You desperately seek time alone, just the two of you, without kids, preschool programming or puncture wounds from stepping on Legos. You want to experience the thrill of a carefree night out. You want to have sex like you did years ago, when the honeymoon phase was in full swing.

You yearn for the adrenaline rush of you and him.

To get out of my vanilla-fied feeling of I think our sex life is getting stale…I need to step up my game, I decided to add some spice back into our life. So I turned to Spicy Subscriptions…and family members. The adrenaline rush I wanted required no kids to be around. Box Picture

My Deluxe Spice Box arrived and I felt like a kid in a candy store. Between the lotions, massage oil, tingling warming oil, cinnamon lip balm and a sex toy that contained working batteries, I knew my night would be far from vanilla.

Thanks to Spicy Subscriptions, a night of spicy, sexy fun was had.

Out of all the products in the box, the Screaming O Warming Sensations Lip Balm and the Love in Luxury Pheromone Moisture Meringue are my favorite. The lip balm leaves your lips kissably soft and provides a warm, tingling sensation on your partners most sensitive areas. The lotion smells AMAZING and feels like a layer of silk has been injected into your skin when it is applied.

The daily grind of life can eat away at you and make you feel like your relationship is on the backburner rather than in the forefront. Relationships are hard work. The highs and lows will waver. The thrill of the ride will sometimes lack the adrenaline. Sometimes you will hold on for dear life, hoping the monotony of day to day life doesn’t affect the feelings you and your partner feel for one another. On other days, the carefree feelings of laughter and free spirit will rule.

Balancing the highs and lows and bringing back those honeymoon phase feelings is key to any lasting relationship. Vanilla isn’t a bad thing. Vanilla makes me happy, safe, loved. But spicing things up and changing the routine never hurt anyone. Experiencing new things, trying new toys, having fun with one another makes you leave that vanilla comfort zone and allows you to remember the rush you once felt…when you took that deep breath, ignored your nervous stomach and climbed aboard the relationship roller coaster.

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