8 Ways To Trick Your Kid Into Going To Sleep On Time

It’s the bane of every mother’s existence: trying to get your kid to go to sleep on time.

If you’re riding that struggle bus every night and you’re ready to get off, here are 8 ways to trick your kid into getting in that damn bed of theirs.

1. Tell them you’re going to Disneyland the next day.


This is the harshest of the 8, but hopefully you’re kids are too young to be emotionally scarred for life. When they ask you the next morning when you’re leaving, just tell them they dreamt it.

2. Let them stuff their faces with candy.


Then watch gleefully as the Sugarpocalypse hits and they crash faster than you ever thought possible.

3. Tell them if they go to sleep, they’ll wake up and animals will be able to speak.


Every kid wants to be able to talk to animals, right? Plant this little seed in their imaginative head and they’ll be sure to snooze it up.

4. Tell them if Captain America can sleep, so can they.


Sure, Captain America was technically frozen for decades, but that can be considered sleeping right? If Captain America can catch some z’s, so can your kid.

5. Let them run around in the backyard to their heart’s delight.


Letting them get rid of all that pent up energy will hopefully lead them to clonk out easily.

6. Pretend you can’t hear them when they ask to stay up late.


Kids don’t understand how hearing works, right? Just simply pretend you can’t hear them until they stop asking you and eventually grow so frustrated they have no choice but to fall asleep! A win for everyone.

7. Your favorite TV character is waiting for you in your dreams.


This isn’t technically lying – who’s to say their favorite cartoon character or TV character won’t make an appearance? In fact, they’re probably more likely to know that you’ve put the idea in their head! You’re a genius parent and deserve much praise.

8. Fake a power outage.


Okay, hear us out: if you fake a power outage and turn off all the lights, you’re kid is already going to be used to the darkness. Right? Then they’ll just fall asleep like it’s nothing. We stand behind this clearly full proof plan!