8 Signs You Need to Clean Your House

I recently fired our cleaning service. I know, I’m impressed with myself too. Who knew I would ever have a cleaning service?

When I was younger I WAS the cleaning service, which is all the more reason I never thought I would hire a cleaning service.

Either way, I decided to let them go. I found myself cleaning up after them, which defeats the purpose entirely. I already clean up after my husband and three dogs, so why throw another entity into the equation?

The problem with firing your cleaning service? Someone has to do the cleaning. Despite my wishes, they didn’t continue to come because they like me and my dogs.

In fact, I suspect I was charged extra because of those furry creatures.

Now that I don’t have a weekly service, I’ve started to notice some signs that my house needs to be cleaned. Because I’m good to you, I thought I’d share with you some of those signs so you can know if you need to get that Roomba out and get your teenagers to cleaning.

1.) You start writing your grocery list on the kitchen table in dust.

2.) It’s been so long since you cleaned that you forgot where you keep the products.

3.) You can no longer blame poor visibility out the windows on “just another foggy day”

4.) You’re able to make a snack from crumbs found in the couch cushions.

5.) You can’t remember what color the bathroom grout is supposed be, but you don’t think it’s gray

6.) Even the dog thinks the floor is too dirty to lay on.

7.) You’ve switched to paper plates to avoid emptying the dishwasher

8.) Your children name the dust bunnies and make them pets

If you have any of these signs, you probably need to clean your house. If not, then you probably need to come to my house and get to cleaning.

Oh, and bring Lemon Pledge.

Originally posted at Lisa’s blog, LisaNewlin.com. Photo via