6 Reasons I Need To Borrow A Girl For A Day

It’s no secret.  We are a boy family.  Even before we had our first son, we imagined that we would have three boys.  Honestly, it never crossed my mind that we would have a girl.  I love being a boy mom.  However.  For just one day, I would like to borrow a girl for the following 6 reasons:

1.  We could have a nice Christmas tree. Just speculating here, but I imagine a girl would like a bow, or a star, or maybe even an angel atop her Christmas tree.  She would never throw a pair of boxer briefs on top.

2.  For one day, I would like to be able to take a picture of a child that just smiles and looks at the camera.  Over the weekend, we took our annual Christmas picture with my nieces.  My two nieces stood where expected, smiled, and stayed in place. Meanwhile, the boys were (seemingly) throwing up gang signs, running away, and altogether making it impossible to take a picture.

3.  My hypothetical day with a little girl would not include dumping pounds of legos on the floor to find one mini figure.  No explanation required.

4.  No one in this house will watch Frozen with me.  Last year, on my birthday, the boys humored me and we all watched it together.  No singing allowed, though.  For one day, I would like to watch Frozen and sing with someone.  Maybe, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and The Beast, too.  Is that too much to ask?

5.  I need a break from Minecraft.  For just one day, I would like to not have to pretend to care about Steve, the Enderman, diamond pick axes, Stampy, and Iballistic Squid.  And, for the love of Pete, I could handle one day without creepers.

6.  No fart, poop, or butt jokes.  I suspect girls spend very little time thinking about these things, while it seems my boys spend virtually all of their time thinking about bathroom humor.  For instance, check out this list the boys made for Santa.

Having a girl around for a day would be fun.  I could check off my girly bucket list of pedicures, Disney princess movies, cleanliness, and quiet.  But.  Just for a day.  I would break out into a cold sweat if I had to be responsible for fixing girl hair or finding something smocked to dress her in.  

This post was originally featured on Jennifer’s blog, The Intentional Mom. Photo via