5 Steps For A Great At-Home Movie Night

When you don’t feel like spending half of your kids’ college fund on movie tickets, popcorn, and sodas, a DIY movie night at home is a pretty great substitution.

From cocktails to the movie selection, we’ve put together 5 steps to make your next movie night a no-brainer.

1.) Alcohol.

As if anything else could top our list of movie night necessities! Movie theater candy-themed cocktails are the perfect start to any night. Try the Jolly Rancher, a Fireball,  or a Tootsie roll.

2.) Invitations.

If you want to get really fancy, you can create an invitation with this free printable. But word of mouth is cool, too.

3.) The Movie.

This seems like a given, but considering the movie is probably the most important part of your movie night, you had better pick a good one. The Single Moms Club is the perfect comedy (with just a touch of drama) to make your movie night a hit.

4.) Popcorn Bar.

Yes, you read that right. This is actually the best DIY ever because you don’t actually have to do anything yourself; your guests do. Everyone gets to choose their own popcorn mix-ins which means everyone is guaranteed to be happy. That, friends, is what we call a win-win situation.

5.) Dessert.

Last but not least, you’ll most definitely need to indulge in something sweet. We’re pretty convinced this frozen Reese’s pie is the most delicious recipe on the planet and it requires zero baking, if you want to go for bonus points and make the dessert yourself. If not, store-bought is perfectly acceptable and nobody will know the difference. 

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