5 Reasons I’m A Cheap Valentine’s Date

We all know that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The stores are already decorated with red and pink. Classroom lists are going home and, perhaps, you have been scouring Pinterest for adorable Valentines your kids can give their classmates.

If you’re lucky, your significant other has already started planning, too. He’s contemplating which restaurant he’ll call for reservations and deciding which gift will be the perfect one just for you. Or, perhaps, like a lot of men, he isn’t thinking about it at all and on Feb. 13 he will have an “Oh crap!” moment in which he realizes that he forgot about it (again). In a panic, he will get online to order you some flowers and take whatever reservation he can find at any restaurant that might still have an opening.

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My husband would most likely be in that second category. Luckily for him, I am a very cheap Valentine’s ate for five basic reasons:

1.) I cant hold my liquor. Seriously, after one glass of wine, I am already “feeling it.” If I have two glasses, I’ll really be buzzed (and by “buzzed” I mean sleepy). So, a full bottle of the fancy stuff is not required.

2.) I wont be able to stay awake past 9:00pm. Well, I might be awake, but I won’t be very good company. Chances are I was up at that crack of dawn and, by 9:00 pm, I am pretty much brain dead.

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3.) Coffee is cheaper than wine. I would actually prefer a cup of coffee (See #2) rather than a second glass of wine (See #1).

4.) I cant go anywhere too fancy because I have nothing to wear. Let’s face it, I don’t get to many cocktail parties these days and I can’t exactly wear jeans or yoga pants to a five star restaurant.

5.) Im perfectly happy with some chocolate and a back rub. Honestly, if the hubby wants to really romance me, all he has to do is put the kids to bed, hand me some chocolate, and rub my back while I sit in my pajamas on the couch watching the latest episode of House Hunters. It would be a bonus if we ordered pizza for dinner so I didn’t have to cook. That’s it. It’s truly that easy!

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Really, I want my husband to show me in little ways that he loves me EVERY DAY – not just on Feb. 14. It’s great that there’s a day set aside on the calendar for us to express our undying love to our significant others, but I really don’t need or expect any grand gestures. If, however, my husband decides that he needs to jump on the bandwagon, he’s pretty lucky that I’m such an easy date!