5 Pampering Spa Treatments For Harried Moms

After being mauled by little fingers all day, sometimes you just need to be rubbed the right way. You know how your husband sweetly offers to give you a massage, slides his hands across your back for a few minutes and falls asleep?

That’s the wrong way.

Do yourself a favor, forget about getting dinner on the table tonight, and get yourself on a table for one of these treatments instead:

1. Body scrub.

Yes, in the hands of a professional, your skin can be as soft and sweet as your baby’s. Try the Hacienda Retreat at The Fairmont Princess and mark my words – you will never again scold your kids for playing with their food after delighting in the lovely sensation of being dusted with yellow corn, kneaded with lime zest, spearmint and lemon and swaddled like an infant to let it all marinate. This exfoliating/moisturizing/massage treatment left me feeling like mush, and I even took home some of the yummy products to bring me back to this happy place whenever I need to relax.

2. Pedicure.

Can you imagine having your feet lovingly tended to for 80 minutes? For moms who can barely sit down for five seconds without someone needing something from them, the Hot Stone & Honey Pedicure at Miraval is a transformative experience. Hot stones melt away tension, and yummy scrubs, gels and oils rejuvenate your calves, ankles and toes. You then get to choose one of the gorgeous Deborah Lippman polishes which will make you smile every time you look down at your feet – even if it’s because one of the kids has stepped on them.

3. Massage.

Moms know there is nothing more special than being kneaded. For a really unique treatment, the Holistic Massage at the Phoenician blends three techniques of your choice for a totally different and custom experience. Try combining hot stone, deep pressure and Reiki to literally give you back your energy. It awakens both your mind and body, and completely renews your spirit. I can’t tell you exactly why it all works – Reiki is fascinating to me – but it does! It’s simply invigorating.

4. Exfoliation.

Sometimes you just have to strip away the top layer to get to the good stuff. Proving that everything we tell our kids isn’t necessarily true, the Sticks and Stones treatment at La Costa will not break your bones – it will actually soothe them. Hot stones send healing heat deep into your muscles, then your skin is polished with a bamboo scrub until it’s oh-so-smooth and a rich, herbal lotion is massaged into your body. You’ll be ready to face the rest of your busy day, but won’t be able to stop admiring your silky

5. Aromatherapy.

Exchange the daily smells that make up your life – dirty diapers, wet dogs, leftovers sitting in the fridge – for the heavenly scents of mint, tangerine, cardamom, lemon blossom wafting over you throughout the Hamman Experience at Hotel Valley Ho. This signature treatment cleanses, mists, exfoliates, massages and moisturizes. As a mom, you’ll appreciate the multi-tasking and, more luxuriously, the multi-basking.