5 Ingredients Pasta Sauce

This is one of the best pasta sauces I’ve had and it’s all thanks to Sara. It only has 5 ingredients and is so easy to make. I think it took me more time to prep than it did to cook, which is why it’s one my favorites. Enjoy!

2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 10 oz. tub of Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half lengthwise
4 cloves of Garlic, peeled and sliced
1 teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes
2 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter

Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - 5 Ingredients Pasta Sauce1. Heat the olive oil in a deep, heavy bottomed skillet over medium heat. Once hot, add the tomatoes and a generous pinch of kosher salt. Stir frequently and cook until they start to release their juices and soften (about 5 minutes).
Add in the garlic and cook for 2-3 minutes more until the garlic becomes tender. Take care to stir frequently so the garlic doesn’t brown. Once the garlic is cooked, add in the pepper flakes and butter. Stir until the butter melts.

2. Remove the pan from the heat. Using either a food processor or blender, partially puree the sauce.
Optional: add some pasta water (about 1/4 cup) to stretch the sauce and lend it a silky texture. Makes enough for approximately 1/2 a box of pasta.

Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - 5 Ingredients Pasta Sauce

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