5 Girl-Power Movies To Watch This Weekend

Is there anything better than great female characters and badass women working behind the scenes of a film? probably not. Here are some of our favorite movies that make us proud to be female!

5.) The Help

Not only is this a great story that more than passes the Bechdel test, but the film is dominated by great, complex female characters played by incredible actors like Viola Davis (who has a completely separate Wikipedia page just for all the awards she’s won), Octavia Spencer (who won the Academy, BAFTA, Golden Globe, SAG, and Critic’s Choice award for her performance in the film), and Emma Stone.

4.) Kick Ass

Two words: Hit Girl.

3.) Haywire

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by government intelligence. Female-led action films are few and far between so finding a great one is a treat. The coolest part? Lead actress Gina Carano is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter and did all her own stunts.

2.) The Hurt Locker

Though Kathryn Bigelow doesn’t want to be known as a “female director” (which we totally get), it doesn’t keep us from remembering that a kick-ass lady was responsible for this film which racked up 9 Academy Award nominations and took home 6 Oscars – including one for Bigelow, the first ever female to win Best Director. If that’s not badass, we don’t know what is.

1.) Erin Brockovich

Snarky, sassy, intelligent, tenacious… what more could you ask for from a protagonist? Even better is the fact that this is an entirely true story and the real Erin Brockovich has a tiny cameo as a waitress in the film.