3 Movie Dads I’d Share a Pizza With for Father’s Day

I will give you my last dollar. (It’s also my first dollar). You can borrow my car and even use my phone.
But share my pizza? That takes a special kind of special.
It’s almost Father’s Day, and I have a steady relationship going with Netflix. So here’s a list of five movie dads who’ve earned the right to sup with me. Why these guys? Each has a trait I’d be proud to share. Or that I aspire to share. Maybe if I split a pie with them, I can gain it by osmosis.

1. Bill Borgens, Stuck on Love (played by Greg Kinnear)

He’s married to Erica (played by my teenage crush Jennifer Connelly. Remember “Rocketeer”? I do.) He gets booty calls from all-get-down-to-business neighbor Tricia. (She’s played by my grownup crush Kristen Bell. Remember “Frozen”? I try not to).

What a life, right?

But the wife’s estranged, and the neighbor is out for one thing. Maybe two. That’s enough complexity. But then add in his kids … They’re writers. His daughter is about to become a published author, but not of the book he edited for her.

Bill Borgens is awkward and brilliant. Confident and weak. He won’t run from harsh realities of his plight, or from staying involved in his kids’ lives. And protecting them. To any extent necessary. I can respect t0068at. He’s humor and he’s sadness. And loyal. I can relate to that, too.

Our pizza: Thin crust, black olives, green peppers, onions. Bacon, on my half.

2. Grug, The Croods (played by Nicholas Cage)

Body hair and barbaric eating habits aside (or maybe included), this prehistoric dad is a lot like me. He’s head of a tough-to-contain family. In a world where the constant threat is becoming some creature’s lunch, Grug must play it safe.

When you’re in a family under that protection, it can grow thin. When his cave is destroyed, Grug finds his play-it-safe MO won’t fly in a wild, wild world.

So much of Grug’s existence I associate with; bearing the brunt of family welfare, with little or no fanfare. A hint of disregard. More than a few underestimations of what he’s capable of. Until he does. In the hugest way.

Our pizza: Meat lovers. All the way. Deep dish. And by meat lovers, I mean real meat lovers – stegosaurus, mastodon …

3. John Clasky, Spanglish (played by Adam Sandler)

He’s a caring father and acclaimed chef with a dysfunctional family. This movie is about his housekeeper and her daughter. But I love the back story of a dad and his daughter, who will stand tall for each other, no matter what happens.

John Clasky as a dad overshadows John Clasky as a man. That man falls into this soulful connection with an incredible, and, yes, gorgeous) housekeeper. And the John Clasky whose marriage falls apart.
I love how he loves his daughter. Effortless. Genuine. Not because she needs extra love, but because of who she is. And Adam Sandler didn’t even have to use his baby voice or signature tirade to deliver. Although I would mirror that if called upon.

Our pizza: Does it matter? He won’t eat much. We’d keep the pitchers of beer rolling in.

So, let’s recap: I admire the devotion, fierce love and loyalty displayed by a caveman, cook and writer. I love who they are, not only as dads, but as men.

I’d love them even more if they picked up the tab. I have this habit of losing my bottom dollar …

 Eli Pacheco

When he’s not fighting trees for golf discs or protecting his paycheck from his kids, Eli Pacheco writes the blog Coach Daddy. Follow him on Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter.







Photo courtesy of ABC news.